About Us

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PrimeHealth London  supports and offers health awareness & health education programs to communities at large but specifically BME groups. We have a network of health awareness consultants and individuals working together to promote and provide health and well-being advice to various communities.


We know how important it is to live life to its full potential but sometimes lack of awareness and health education can make it difficult to do so, causing our health and wellbeing to suffer which can impact  our daily activities. Therefore,  PrimeHealth London is passionate about helping you reclaim your health through bespoke health education and awareness programs.


We achieve this by providing a platform for communities and individuals to come together to learn about health issues, discuss, listen and share each others experiences with the aim of achieving better health outcomes.


Our Projects:

  • Endometriosis Cultural Awareness Campaign (Current).

  • Endometriosis-‘ENDOf’ Lack of Awareness Campaign. 
  • Nutrition4Carers Program

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