Christina D’Amico: Project Coordinator

Christina started a career in Optics over 6 years ago and progressing to Management level, Christina has successfully managed to juggle the commitments of university studies with full time employment for the past few years. Having always been passionate about food - specifically healthy eating and diet, she has previously gained experience in Community Health Awareness projects such as baby nutrition and weaning, nutritional labeling campaigns, how to help tackle childhood obesity by lowering salt, sugar and fat intake,  in addition to  nutrition for vulnerable groups in the community.


Recently graduating with a First Class Honours BSc in Food & Consumer Studies she joined PrimeHealth London as a volunteer assisting in bringing together the various skills and knowledge gained from studying for her degree, work experience and management roles. Experience includes project-management, jointly coordinating workshops, implementing health programs combined with research and analysis skills.


As a confident and enthusiastic speaker,  she has presented  healthy eating, health care issues to various groups as well as teaching Food Technology to secondary school students. Christina enjoys keeping up to date with Health Care policies and issues surrounding food, diet and nutrition. She has excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills, including networking with all levels of Health Care Professionals.



Beatrice Tagoe

My passion for the association between food, nutrition and health led me to study for a BSc degree in Human Nutrition, so that I would be in a position to provide the best possible advice, on both a personal and professional level.  Completing my degree successfully has enabled me to create a fusion between food from the Western culture, and that of West Africa where I originated.  In addition, from my own personal experiences  as a mother, I appreciate that good nutrition can make all the  difference between someone feeling good about themselves and achieving optimal health on the one hand,  and entirely failing to realise their full potential on the other. Hence, I also fully understand the challenges of juggling work and family - whilst trying to provide healthy and nutritious food.

Through my degree, I came to appreciate that eating merely for health is not necessarily enjoyable, and can be very challenging - particularly for teenagers, but also for adults.  Furthermore, nutritional advice and programmes based on choice restriction and calorie limits usually fail because people get tired of this approach, and end up feeling hungry and deprived. As a result, they do not stick to their diets, leaving them feeling bad about themselves for not having had enough will power, discipline, or motivation to stick to their regimes.

I have put this  heightened awareness   to good use since my graduation, by getting actively involved in an organised nutrition programme called MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition and Do it),  aimed at  tackling obesity, and providing  food and nutrition information for individuals from different age groups. In this role, I work as a nutrition assistant in a multi-disciplinary team providing nutrition education on food, its benefits, understanding food labelling, and much more.
My comprehensive knowledge of nutrition, acquired both from my studies and my work experience, has equipped me as a qualified nutritionist with expertise on food and its health benefits so that I can provide professional advice which will empower both individuals and organisations to make right choices, in order to achieve the correct equilibrium between health, pleasure and convenience through what they eat and drink.  I am therefore well-equipped with the pre-requisite essential skills that are required to help, support and empower individuals – whilst recognising their individual bodies and circumstances - to improve the level of their health and well-being through nutrition.


Training and Qualifications

Human Nutrition B.Sc.  Hons

Food and Nutrition Education Community Skills Training
Healthier Food and Special Diets
Food Safety in Catering