What Our Clients Say About Us...

"The program you designed has been well received by students and staff and we are using aspects of it for our new year 8 cohort - adapting and adding to the resources you so kindly developed. Thank you once again for all the hard work you put into this program.  it is very much appreciated by myself and the school"


- Queen Elizabeth School for Boys - PSHE


"Thank you very much for coming along yesterday to talk about your ENDOf Project.  Extend my thanks to your team and accept my many congratulations. I found your work quite groundbreaking and it is good that you managed to 'employ' one of your fellow classmates onto the Project.   I got good comments from the class after when we reflected on your talk during our seminar.  You can always come and talk to students here and promote your Project whilst you raise awareness of the endo to the LMU community.  Once again, many thanks."


- Dr Livingstone Musoro Senior Lecturer - Health Studies Course Leader

  MSc Public Health Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.

  London Metropolitan University - "ENDOf workshop"


"My work as a volunteer community public health educator with PrimeHealth London  has allowed me to learn how to work in particularly challenging conditions; in this role I raised health and wellbeing awareness to address important health inequalities within the BME community group. This was a challenging but rewarding role in which we worked in partnership with charitable organisations to address health needs of this group effectively through the implementation of health and support programs.

These experiences have allowed me to develop my care skills - including assessing patient’s needs and promoting good health - and use my communication skills to ensure the target group's needs are met. This has further nurtured my understanding of policy and urban health in which I developed during my Health Studies and Social Policy degree.

I have gained valuable experience providing care to the community helping to identify appropriate educational awareness that will help them to live happily. This work has helped me to develop strong communication skills, as well as an important understanding for those needing support. In this role, I develop my skills both personally and professionally."


Veronica Mabau, Volunteer



"Being an endometriosis project volunteer has helped me as an individual. I did not know much about endometriosis until I became a volunteer.   It has helped my chosen degree since I will be meeting people during my interviews for job, or when I start  working , it will help me to work with people in a different background as a team.

Most of the people that I met during the volunteering time, mentioned it was their first time of hearing endometriosis and do not even know what it is. Few people said they have heard of endometriosis and know a little about it. This helped me a lot to educate them on the steps to take.

The volunteering job has also helped me to know some of the cultural background of the ethnic groups. Knowing their dos and don’ts helped to deal with them in term of ethical reasons. 

I really enjoyed the project volunteering job because; it has enhanced my confidence by meeting and educating people on one on one, and also as a group.   Meeting them face to face helps people to explain how they feel about their condition and what they know about the endometriosis.I have learnt a lot from being in this endometriosis project team.


- Sally Bortey, Volunteer