Meet the Team 


Joyce Amoah-Anpitan: Project Leader


Joyce is an advocate for Health Promotion,  who has been working for more than 10 years in the community, enhancing the physical and mental health of vulnerable people; provinding advice on diet, nutrition, personal care and lifestyle management.  Combined with this, Joyce has practical experience of working as a qualified medical secretary, mediator/interpreter for social services and working alongside youth offenders and local county courts. She has also successfully managed an accommodation business in the private sector in addition to providing accommodation for single mothers and the homeless. 


In her most recent projects she single-handedly secured funding for coordinating, developing and delivering an Endometriosis Awareness Campaign - ‘ENDOf’ lack of awareness for BME groups, students and healthcare professionals.


Having always felt passionately about building awareness of important healthcare issues, especially within ethnic communities, Joyce gives lectures and talks about healthy lifestyle, diet, nutrition and consumer health. As an energetic and enthusiastic speaker, she has formulated and planned workshops to train teachers to deliver PSHE programs to students within secondary schools, as well as Healthy Eating and Lifestyle workshops to ethnic communities.

Shekinah Stone: Administrative Manager


Shekinah has been with PrimeHealth London since 2014. While her role is mainly administrative, she also has a background in Nutrition and Promotions.


Shekinah now plays a large role in securing funding, organising events, running PrimeHealth's social media and networking with the charities that we collaborate with.